Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baby C- It's a boy

This is the first birth I witnessed where momma did yoga as a way to calm her during the contractions and it worked.  I was called early in the morning as the Contractions had started but were very irregular.  By 6pm when I went over to their place I knew it was time for me to stay and start working with mom and dad.  So I packed my bag, picked up my camera and began working with mom to make the contractions effective.

Speaking from experience no first time mother can ever truly know what it feels like to go through labour until you experience it.  You can imagine how you will react but nothing can truly prepare you.  Well nothing except maybe having a Doula by your side.  *insert smile here hee hee*.

When I arrived after 6 the contractions were further than 10 minutes apart and irregular.  We began working with her body.  Using positioning, hydro therapy and massage as a way to help her contractions become more regular.  Though my client refused to eat her husband and I managed to convince her to eat something.  Lucky for us she listened as 10 hours later she was starving!

So we worked at home keeping mom as comfortable as we could manage.  When it was time to leave we took the 10 minute walk to the hospital.  Needless to say that 10 minute walk seemed to take a life time.

Upon arrival the Dr. questioned my client's desire for a natural birth despite her birth plan stating she wanted no offer for meds.  Her husband was able to convince the Dr. they were competent to make the decision and at this time they were not interested.  I sat quietly fuming inside... I hate when Dr's push meds when a client is confident they do not want them.

So after a good hour or so they finally moved us upstairs where we continued to use positions, water and yoga as a way to progress.  Mom was getting exhausted, Dad was sympathetic to his wifes pain.  So we continued on doing things our way.  We were left to labour on our own.

As the night progressed it was showing signs it was time.  I stepped out got the dr and nurse... not quiet there they say.  Maybe 30 minutes later mom sounds like she wants to push so again I get the nurse who promptly tells me if she is not ready to push they will have to medicate her.

Well it was time for mom to push.... they scrambled around to get things ready and then finally after 12 hours of labour Mom was able to push baby boy out in 2-3 pushes.  He came out so quick, dad was so proud, mom was amazed at her strength to endure it all.

And can I say nothing beats the Dr's face when he came in to see mom had dilated as well and quick as she had, with no need for the meds he was offering.   It was priceless!

Results... a Happy Healthy baby boy!

Congrats to family C

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Low Milk flow- Homeopathic tips

For anyone with a low milk flow please read the tips below.  Note these are from a homeopathic practitioner in India so I would advise you check with your local health store ie. Thompsons to verify tinctures.

Normally to increase mothers milk, the following can be used, safely.

ALFALFA-Q (Homeopathic Mother tincture). 30 drops in half cup water = one dose. Atleast 3 times / doses a day, for the entire period till the mother is feeding the child.

Cal.Phos.3X plus Ferr.Phos.3X, 4 tablets of each or equivalent powder is = one dose. Take four such doses daily till the mother is feeding the child.

FOR THE CHILD : Mag.Phos.6X, two tablets or equivalent powder. 3-4 times a day. Takes care of all gases and discomfort of the child. Incidentally, Mag.Phos. is a consitituent of Milk and compensates for inappropriate quantity and quality of milk provided by the mother.

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