Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Low Milk flow- Homeopathic tips

For anyone with a low milk flow please read the tips below.  Note these are from a homeopathic practitioner in India so I would advise you check with your local health store ie. Thompsons to verify tinctures.

Normally to increase mothers milk, the following can be used, safely.

ALFALFA-Q (Homeopathic Mother tincture). 30 drops in half cup water = one dose. Atleast 3 times / doses a day, for the entire period till the mother is feeding the child.

Cal.Phos.3X plus Ferr.Phos.3X, 4 tablets of each or equivalent powder is = one dose. Take four such doses daily till the mother is feeding the child.

FOR THE CHILD : Mag.Phos.6X, two tablets or equivalent powder. 3-4 times a day. Takes care of all gases and discomfort of the child. Incidentally, Mag.Phos. is a consitituent of Milk and compensates for inappropriate quantity and quality of milk provided by the mother.

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