Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My next Client January

My next client is due in January, though she was the 4rth one I booked she will join my first client shortly on my birth completed list.  So far my first client has been amazing with being open to new clients calling her up for references.  With a new baby and all the adjustments to her new life it will be good to get potentials  another set of people to chat with.

I am super excited for her and her husband whom might I add seems to be wonderful.  This is such a great time, waiting for your son/daughter to be born.  Especially surrounding the holiday season.  Even if you aren't someone who celebrates seeing all the ads with children on them have to tug at your pregnant heart!

It has been great working with them, so far we have completed the birth plan and now are simply waiting for the time to come.

I'm also working on my "doula" binder.  This is taking me a long time but it is well worth it.  It is more for information regarding the entire business of being born but will have some interesting things in it for the day of labour.  Hopefully it gets completed in time.  I find I am being really meticulous with it, fine tuning it over and over again.  Not to mention the upcoming seminar I am co-hosting with Samantha Spencley of In The House Homeopathy. We've been working on a few things one is the seminar where we will go into What A Doula is, How a Doula can help you, and how she and I can work together during pregnancy and birth.

My partner has been very supportive during this time.  I have been really busy this past week between new client phone calls, appointments and working on websites, binders and homework for my certification.  It takes a lot of time to start up a business and I am luck to have a partner who understands this.  Not to mention my being on-call over Christmas and New years for my upcoming birth.  Which I am thrilled about!  I used to dread being on-call with my former work but this one.... I know that when I get called it will be for one of the most amazing moments of a persons life.  The entry of a new spirit into the world, the introduction of a son or daughter!

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