Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Business of Being Born

Let us talk about it for a moment shall we. The movie was amazing if you haven't yet already seen it.  It is called "The Business of Being Born" it opens your mind as well as your eyes.  It truly looks into the world of birth in a way no one else has done yet.

I could write about the movie but I would rather you go out watch it for yourself and comment here.  Like it, Love it or Hate it, write about it so we can open the dialogue.  

This past week has been a difficult one, I have been setting up meetings, writing up contracts, filling out forms for certification, working on my website, facebook page, blog, advertising myself, reading books on fibromyaglia for an upcoming client of mine suffering from it as well as networking in hopes to gain more clients.  That all in one weeks time.  If anyone doubts the value of the money they are spending guess again.  If you have a good or great Doula they are really in tuned to your needs and will do everything in their power to ensure your needs will be met during your birth.

However I am not complaining just talking about what the life of a Doula is.  I love my work, I love the research, I love the networking, and I love most of all feeling like I am helping make a difference.  It has charged me beyond words.  I only wish I was covered by good old OHIP so that I did not have to worry about the financial aspect so much.  Most Doula's have a second career or something they specialize in.  Right now all I have is my Doula and a part time job.  I am working towards getting my Childbirth Educator certification so that I can teach that and possibly pre-natal Yoga.  For now though, this is it.

Hopefully one day it won't be only the parents to be that see the value in Doula's, hopefully OHIP, private health care and the lot of them will see that hiring a Doula saves everyone in the end.  Saves the parents grief, saves the healthcare industry money on un-neccessary procedures, and saves on the nursing staff's demands.  Think about it with a Doula most people Labour at home which means less people in the hospital and for shorter times.

In the end we can only hope they see that Doula's are good for Business!


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